A La Sallian Congress

On Saturday, March 3, five La Sallian School principals were given a warm welcome by Brother Matthew Bay and members of the Regional La Sallian Educational Council at the La Salle Centre.

The five were Peggy Seow of St Michael’s Primary School, Balaraman from St Anthony’s, Christopher Louis from St Anthony’s Primary School, Indhira of La Salle, Ipoh and Clement Chin from St George’s Primary School. St. Michael’s Secondary school was represented by their Senior Assistant, Yusof.

During the reception, several issues were highlighted including the “special character” and “ethos” of the schools. Those present agreed that principals and teachers should understand and strive to uphold their schools’ long-standing traditions.

Some of these traditions include the promotion of unity among all, love, person-centred education and compassion towards the weak and the underprivileged.

Attention was drawn to the “Draft Instrument of Government” for La Sallian schools during the lively discussion among the attendees. It contained the principle of “maximum consultation” between the Board and the authority in the appointment of principals and teachers.

During the session, it was also stressed that the La Sallian family recognises and embraces people of all races and religions – in line with the schools’ traditions of unity and love.

The meeting adjourned for lunch at the Royal Ipoh Club where the guests met with Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadziah, an old Michaelian.

He recalled his years as a student in St Michael’s and spoke fondly of his former mathematics teacher and the late Brother Paul who had influenced him greatly.

The Regional La Salle Education Council was founded in 2011 and endeavours to keep up with the developments and progress of all seven La Sallian schools in Perak.

All the La Sallian schools are looking forward to celebrating Founder’s Day in May.

Amy Chan

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