Poor Bus Business: Ipoh-Teluk Anson Express a History?

By the end of March, it will be another problem and a big headache for people travelling to Ipoh and Teluk Intan, as the above bus company will cease operation due to poor business and high maintenance. This company had been serving us for 45 years with average satisfaction. With that, travelling to Ipoh will be a very inconvenient trip. Apart from paying expensive fare charged by Perak Transit, it will be a waste of time waiting for a bus to go to the city from Amanjaya Terminal.

It is hoped that the relevant authority will do something about this. One way is to allow the two express buses, Transnasional and Perak Transit to use the normal roads and allow passengers to get down at Gunung Rapat, Ipoh Garden and Bercham, that is only use the highway from Bercham. Allowing a pickup point at Bercham Tesco will also help.

Chris Ng Chong Phee

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