Class of ’68 Reunion

Sam Tet Secondary School’s Class of ‘68 held their 50th anniversary reunion at Kinta Riverfront Hotel on Friday, March 30.

Approximately 70 students and seven teachers were present. Attendees were given stickers with their names and their classes.

The night started with cocktails where everyone were renewing their kinship. Small groups could be seen in every corner of the room, laughing out loud, drinking and cheering one another.

Some were trying to recall faces and names of their schoolmates. Time sure flies and it only seemed like yesterday when they left school. Who would believe that it had been 50 years since their last day at Sam Tet?

Soon it was time for the Chinese-style  dinner. Everyone tucked into the yummy array of soup, chicken and prawns course by course.

As they ate, they continued with their stories, each trying to outdo the other. A video clip paid tribute to those who had departed.

The former students, now in their late sixties, were glad that they could attend their 50th anniversary reunion dinner.

Amy Chan

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