Jelapang Government Clinic

As a regular patronizer to the Jelapang government clinic, I have some important observations to be shared with the respective authority.

Our health services at the Jelapang government clinic which were fairly satisfactory at one time are beginning to deteriorate. To illustrate certain shortcomings, firstly, the parking space in the Jelapang government clinic is very limited. Thus, it causes visitors to the clinic to double park. The security guards manning the space are normally over 60 years old and are quite ineffective. Some immediate attention needs to be given to overcome this uncalled-for double parking problems.

Secondly, some clinic staff clock in on time, but leave the premises for other matters.

Thirdly, patients waiting to see the doctors, normally, have to wait a long time. The waiting space at the foyer is limited, and it causes inconvenience to the waiting patients. I have noticed some very elderly patients standing and waiting for a seat.

Fourthly, after the health check up, we need to head to the pharmacy. Here, with limited space and more waiting, can make a patient very depressed.

But the Health Minister, Datuk S. Subramaniam, always emphasizes that the health services in Malaysia have improved with a lot of new buildings and facilities. I need to remind him that, the quality of service is not the same thing as expansion of facilities. Expansion of facilities, it is true, can lead to positive changes in certain respects but it is wrong to equate it with improved quality of service.

As an illustration, there are undoubtedly better facilities for playing badminton today (indoor courts in Meru township Ipoh), compared to the past. This has perhaps widened the reservoir of badminton potential available to us. It does not however mean that the quality of the game has also improved. Similarly, there has been tremendous physical expansions in clinics, but, within this perspective that my point about health services should be understood and improved, especially at the Jelapang government clinic.

S. Sundralingam


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