A Bridge to Nowhere Finally Connected

Ipoh’s once well-known “bridge-to-nowhere” is finally connected.

The bridge was constructed across Sungai Pari in Falim over three decades ago and was left abandoned. Thus, it had often been dubbed the bridge-to-nowhere.

According to sources it was due to the failure of the city council to acquire land to connect one end of the bridge to the existing road.

The break came recently when the Falim Commercial Centre was developed on a prime site opposite Falim town. The western end of the bridge is now connected to the commercial centre and the road in front of Falim town and the old bridge are now a one-way traffic lane towards the city centre.

The new link runs parallel, and the commercial centre and a new hypermarket are in the middle. It completes the missing link of a dual-carriageway between Menglembu and Jalan Lahat. This has eased traffic congestion in front of Falim town tremendously.

Falim, Menglembu, Lahat, Batu Gajah and the areas beyond are now experiencing major development and the traffic along the road is expected to increase.

Jerry Francis

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