Community Yoga at WEIL

What a blissful morning stretching those cold bodies under the soft and warm sun in peace with other enthusiastic, driven individuals who woke up at 7am on a Sunday morning. Good vibes have never been so maxed!

WEIL held a Community Yoga session on 13th May at its rooftop area – The Lawn. There were around 20 participants who attended and all made it to the end. As we  already know, practising Yoga helps in destressing, improves respiration, increases muscle flexibility and strength.

However, many do not know that gentle yoga carves out curvy figures. Yoga incorporates resistance training, balancing and strength training together, which work your body without straining your heart.

The Executive Director of WEIL, Liew Yu-Wei hopes that with the launching of Community Yoga, people who are always busy with their work and who don’t often exercise, can work out more. Other than that, WEIL also has a Healthy Lifestyle Program with work out sessions like Aerobics, Muay Thai and Jogging for associates, which they can participate in, every last Friday of the month.

If you’re interested in joining the Community Yoga on Sundays, the entrance fee is RM20, inclusive of a sandwich and fresh juice. Contact 05 208 2228 or drop a message at Facebook: WEIL Hotel to register.

Vivien Lian

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