Baking Cakes His Forte

Although he is hard of hearing and is a mute, 33-year-old Syed Mohd Shahidan Syed Zainal Rasidi’s determination to succeed is unshakable. Fondly known as Shahidan, the Perakean has turned his cake-baking hobby into a money-spinner.

His mother, Siti Khadijah Rayman, 56, said that his talent developed while he was young.

“Shahidan became serious five years ago. He’s hardworking and is always learning new techniques. His baking skills have attracted many admirers who are hooked on his cakes and pastries.

“Besides cakes, he also bakes breads and makes traditional Malay cookies. Due to requests for lessons, he conducts a bread-making class every Saturday and Sunday,” she told Ipoh Echo during an interview at their house in Meru.

Shahidan had obtained the Malaysian Skills Certificate and Polytechnic Special Skill Certificate in hotel and catering in 2006. After acquiring these academic credentials he spent three months in Kuala Lumpur to broaden his knowledge in cake decorating.

His pandan layered cake is his specialty. Shahidan receives many orders for his bread and kuih bahulu (fluffy bite-sized cakes). Another favourite is his American buttercream flowers, specially made to adorn wedding cakes.

Shahidan was once conned by a friend into investing in a dubious cake-making business. After parting with thousands of ringgit, Shahidan was told to leave the partnership.

“Individuals who are willing to help Shahidan to expand his business, do come forward as he really needs help. He’s now working from home. He needs a big chiller to store the cakes and take more orders. Plus he needs a stainless steel table to work on,” said Siti Khadijah.

Shahidan is married to Wan Janah Rogayah Zainuddin. The couple have a one-year-old daughter named Sharifah Nurul Hana.

Those wishing to make orders can contact Shahidan at 017 511 1283 via WhatsApp or through his mother, Siti Khadijah Rayman at 017 540 9116.

You can also order in person at his house: No 24, Hala Meru Damai 5, Halaman Meru Damai.

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