First Maison Berger Paris Outlet

Featuring high-end home fragrance, Maison Berger Paris very first stand-alone outlet was launched at the lobby of WEIL Hotel on Wednesday, May 23.

Founded originally in 1898 in Normandy in France, Lampe Berger Paris now becomes Maison Berger Paris on the occasion of its 120th anniversary this year. As the umbrella/parent brand, Maison Berger Paris conveys the full extent of the range.

Ipoh Echo spoke to Olivier Sillion, CEO of Maison Berger Paris worldwide and Dato’ Julie Lim, the head of Jubilant Prestige Sdn Bhd which is the official sole distributor for Lampe Berger Paris since 2012 in Malaysia.

“Since the name change, this is the first outlet under the identity of Maison Berger Paris not only in Malaysia but in the world! This is a new addition. The next one will be in the biggest mall in JB by October. We are also looking at Imago Mall in Kota Kinabalu,” Dato’ Julie, who hails from Kuala Lumpur, highlighted.

What do people love most about the products from the premium brand? “In terms of efficiency, our catalytic lamp is the most efficient means to perfume well your home and to kill all bad odour as well as indoor bacteria. Moreover, when we create a new fragrance, it is with a lot of complexity and we concern ourselves with its effect on behaviour just like aromatherapy with its calming and uplifting effects,” the amiable Olivier added.

Besides being an effective insect repellent, the fragrances offered also decompose second hand smoke and improve the overall air quality, leaving one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It is also available as fragranced bouquets and vegan certified candles.

Present were Brice Genin, export director, Tay Mun Iee, director of Sulit Prestij Plt as authorised Perak dealer and Caroline Wong as guest.

Maison Berger Paris boasts unique expertise and know-how resulting from 120 years of research in terms of catalysis, which benefits from international patents and protection. The company is also known for its incredible variety of scented pieces of art and its collection of 60 fragrances created by the top French master perfumers and validated by its in-house nose.

For more information, visit the outlet (Unit 1 – Lobby No 292) which opens every day from 11am to 7pm (closed on Wednesday). Readers also can check out its website:

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