Responsible Ownership and Well-Trained Dogs

There are a large number of dog lovers at the housing estate at Puncak Jelapang, Silibin, Taman Rishah, Ipoh Garden, Canning Garden, Kg. Simee, Taman Chateau and other areas too. Most of the houses at these areas are semi-detached and terraced houses, where owners keep their dogs.

Most dog owners take a responsible attitude towards looking after their pet and keeping it under proper control. Responsible owners are responsible for the behaviour of any pets. They must prevent their pets from causing nuisance, annoyance or danger to their neighbours. This includes fouling, noise or smell from any pets.

But keeping big dogs like Rottweilers, German Shepherd (commonly known as Alsatian), American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, Bull Terrier, Pit Bull and others are very unsuitable to be kept at a terrace housing estate.

I have owned some big dogs during my bachelor days and I would advise owners not to have dogs too big for them to control; unless they live in a big compound and know how to train and control such dogs. At terrace houses, they should confine themselves to only small- to medium-sized dogs.

Big dogs are strong dogs, and strong dogs are difficult to control and should be trained to be obedient. Unless that is done and they understand and obey commands, care must be taken that they are not let loose, especially in housing areas and public places, where the conditions are not under your control.

I have seen some small sized owners taking their big dogs for a walk in the housing area. This sort of a situation is very unpredictable and dangerous when there are others who are also walking in the housing area. Big, untrained dogs are dangerous and when their owners are weak and small, they can be a menace to others. Dogs do not have a conscience. They will do what they have been taught to do, and if mishandled or when their commands are all mixed up, they could cause damage unwittingly. This happens often, especially if the owners are themselves untrained and keep confusing their dogs through indecision and unclear commands.

Therefore, before any uncalled-for incidents take place in any of these areas, hopefully, the owners know the importance of having well trained dogs. And, I wish to emphasize, well trained dogs do not remain well trained, if the owner is not trained himself. This is to ensure better management of big dogs in housing areas.

S. Sundralingam

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