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‘Pendosa: Sebelum Berangkat’ is a preliminary touring event by a group of ‘Pendosa’, a group of people passionate about art, to promote and establish the brand itself. Held on February 2, that was the day when people could buy their hot-selling merchandises, like, T-shirts, beanies, stickers, lapel pins, etc., all of which have the word ‘Pendosa’ imprinted.


The main purpose of this event is to gain financial support from the local community fulfil their touring mission from Ipoh to Johor Bahru; in addition to screening their documentary entitled ‘Pendosa’, which is primarily stories about local art and creative artistes from Ipoh.


In conjunction with ‘Sebelum Berangkat’, the event was a collaboration with ‘Another Lo-Fi Show’ which was conducted by Amir Anuar. ‘Another Lo-Fi Show’ is the backbone of Ipoh’s finest underground band scene called EF’IL which has featured a few young local talented artistes from Ipoh such as Ippie Gomas, FVRINV and DJ Miko.

Check out A Bell by Ippie Gomas here
Check out ‘drive me crazy‘ by FVRINV here
Check out Chill Hip Hop Mix #39 by DJ Miko here

‘Pendosa’ was founded in 2017 by two local passionate youths – Adam Jalaludin and Wanjekk. Both of them are the founders of local street wear ‘PeaceBeUponYou’ and ‘Almost Quaint’ respectively. If you are wondering what ‘Pendosa’ is all about, you may come over to the shop located at 146, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (PBUY & Drinka Store) or on Instagram @pbuystore. More information can also be found @info.pendosa on Instagram.

Karim Abdullah

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