Muaythai Championship Challenge: Perak Won!

The Muaythai Championship Challenge Perak 1.0 2019 held on Saturday, January 26 at the Headhunters Muaythai Academy, Ipoh, saw 10 pugilists – four females and six males – taking part. Out of the number, three (one female and two males) were from Thailand.

There were a total of five bouts of varying weight categories for both male and female.

The first bout was between Nur Fatihah from Club Tomoi Burung Hantu, Baling Kedah and Nur Fatin Nabila from Headhunter Muaythai Academy Perak. Nur Fatihah was declared the winner. The next bout saw Mohd Fauzan from MPP Helang Lagenda, Penang taking on Mohd Fakrul Azam from Headhunter Muaythai Academy Perak. The Perak boxer won the match.

The third bout saw Pech Panbumrong from Thailand taking on Mohd Amirul Nusri of Headhunter Muaythai Academy Perak. Mohd Amirul Nusri won.

Thai Janjira Chaleenaprinses fought Nor Atasya Mohd Nor of Headhunter Muaythai Academy in the following bout. The Ipoh lass won in a hard-fought match.

The final bout was between Dolla Chaleenaprinses from Thailand and Mohd Rifdean from Headhunter Muaythai Academy. Mohd Rifdean came on top. The 17-year-old boxer is from Sarawak and has been training at Headhunter Muaythai Academy for over a year. He has represented the nation in many kickboxing competitions.

Dato’ Zainol Padzli presented the winners their championship belts.

Thanusha Vikneswaran

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