First Cosplay Party


By Mei Kuan

The first cosplay party ever hosted by Ipoh Parade on Sunday, April 14 saw 29 solo cosplayers from all over Malaysia bringing to life characters from the comic book, massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Japanese animation, film and cartoon.

It attracted a huge crowd who was eager to snap pictures as participants from as young as six years old portrayed their favourite characters via intricate costumes, make-up, mannerism and body language.

Featuring Reina C, Bibi Chan and Kenjimura Chow as judges, the participants were judged in three categories: runway challenge, mall tour and talent show.

King Angel hailing from Kuala Lumpur who portrayed Ahri (K/DA version) from League of Legends was crowned champion.

“I fell in love with this character the first time I saw her at the League of Legends opening ceremony this year. She was a virtual reality star in a k-pop group. I did more research on her and then it just came together. Plus I love her dance, the first time I watched the official music video I cried because it was so good!” she enthused.

“I have been around the community for over five years. Initially, I worked as a maid in a maid cafe in 2015 and then I opened my own maid cafe last year named, ‘Her Majesty’s Mansion’. I actually got really into cosplaying in December to see how far I can push myself,” she shared with Ipoh Echo. It took her a few months to prepare for this particular cosplay.

What keeps her doing what she is doing? “I like making people happy in general with the maid cafe, my cosplay and everything. I feel happy that everyone’s happy, simple goal!” the amiable girl added.

Here’s her precious advice for those who are new in the cosplay community: “Keep practising even the small details. Always do your costest, maybe a few more times if you are not confident. Be in the moment and mood. You are the character, you choose them for a reason, embrace it.”

For updates on King Angel, visit her Facebook or Instagram of the name, ALLHAILKINGANGEL

King Rusydi as Kamen Rider Faiz won second placing while Hayate as Elsa from Frozen was placed third.

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