Letter: More Nostalgia of New Pasir Puteh

Childhood memories of New Pasir Puteh are many and unforgettable. Mostly, they are happy ones with friends, catching fish in a stream behind our homes. There was plenty of ikan haruan. Crossing the wooden bridge cycling to Jalan Bendahara to Kg Paloh mosque where Mior Ahmad lived, we cycled to Ipoh Library to borrow books, which had to be returned in two weeks.

Across the Kinta River was a small ‘medan selera’. Every Saturday night we would be there watching musical bands but only for a few songs. Had to be back before 10pm or get scolded.

I started cycling to Anderson School after LCE (Lower Certificate of Education), Form 4. Before that, it was a taxi ride in a crowded black Austin. There were two Convent girls and three boys, me, Lai Chin Fah and Chee Seng. I wonder where they are now? Cycling to school was fun, along Pasir Puteh Road, Yang Kalsom towards Anderson School. Homebound I’d use another route, towards Rex Cinema and on to Pasir Puteh Road.

Every Wednesday afternoon it’s a cross-country run from D.R. Seenivasagam park across Kinta River into the limestone hills and back to the school field across the bridge near St John’s Ambulance Hall.

Hashim (No.391 New Pasir Puteh)

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