ACS Old Boy Returns to Fulfil Dream

As a schoolboy, Peter Foo dreamed of becoming a Scout. But that never came about due to his poor financial background. In order to acquire extra co-curricular marks, with the least expense, he joined the lifeguard club. With a lifeguard certificate, he was able to gain a side income by helping out in swimming classes on Saturdays. Peter then left to further his tertiary education at UKM.

One day, while on a business call, he met his old primary school scoutmaster, Mr Selvin. The teacher was so surprised and happy to see Peter again. They agreed to keep in touch through Facebook.

Years passed, Peter showed some awesome results in his career and his company was a winner of the Asia Pacific International Top Excellence Brand Award. He was invited to give a motivational talk on life’s journey to his juniors – 01 Kinta Scouts.

The first time after leaving school in 2000, this old boy stepped back to school. He was happy as facilities in the school had been upgraded compared to when he was there. In April this year, he was invited to give another talk on leadership at the new Mini Multifunctional Stadium. As making signboards is part of Peter’s business, Mr Selvin asked him to quote a price for a new Scouts signboard which had been hanging there since 1998; close to three decades. He generously agreed to sponsor a new signboard for his old alma mater. He really fulfilled his fantasy of being a Scout by giving what he had to the Scouts. He hopes the young teens will be able to spend time and are committed to being Scouts, not to be book worms. He promised to give his best to 01 Kinta Scouts.


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