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Maiden exhibition of Ipoh Fine Art Class (14 & 15 Sep 2019)

From the Art Room

The Ipoh Fine Art Class in collaboration with 22 Hale Street & P.O.R.T Ipoh, will be holding its first student exhibition on September 14 and 15 at 22 Hale Street entitled “From the Art Room”.

The exhibition will feature an estimated 40 pieces of artwork from over 20 artists ranging from the age of 7 to 70+ years old, from various races and backgrounds.

The artwork featured during this exhibition were created using various art materials including oil paints, watercolours, pencils, colour pencils, pens and pastels. The artwork will also depict a diverse series of subjects including still life, landscapes, as well as animals and human figures.

This event is held to promote art within the community as well as help those who are less fortunate, with proceeds from the sales of the art pieces going to a children’s home to help purchase educational material such as books and stationery.

According to Kareem, art teacher and founder of The Ipoh Fine Art Class, “An exhibition is one of the greatest moments in the life of any artist and I hope that my students will remember theirs with great fondness.”

“It is a belief that only a rare and gifted few are able to paint and draw. If anything, my students are a testament to how anyone can create art. I recall many of whom started out with very little experience or exposure to art, some of whom were even told they should give up but to see them become artists in their own right, has been my greatest achievement as their teacher,” he added.

According to the manager of P.O.R.T. Ipoh, Nur Hanim Khairuddin, “The art of painting and drawing otherwise referred to as Fine Art or Visual Art, is crucial as an art form, because the work produced is not just purely aesthetic but it lends insight into the life of the artist and is essential for the next generation to understand the social, economic and political situation of the age in which the artist lived. Therefore, I believe activities and programmes related to art should be given more exposure.

“I have been deeply moved by their determination and passion to create, and through this exhibition, I hope the artists will gain the exposure that they need and that can help benefit them and to help to further their artistic careers. All in all, on behalf of all my students, we hope that this exhibition will be a wonderful experience for all and that it will help to spread the joy and love for art with the community,” concluded Kareem.

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