Wisdom of the Past

By Chris Teh

The talk on Angeline Teh’s very own part-biography, part-inspirational book titled “Wisdom of the Past” happened here at Tin Alley on Thursday, August 22.

Angeline shared on how she found out about her great-great-grandfather, the late Teh Lay Seng, who was the Supervisor of the Revolutionary Army Bureau Fund for Sun Yat Sen, the first President of China.

“It was Tomb Sweeping Day (widely known as Qing Ming) in 2014. A mysterious old man on a bicycle passed by my ancestor’s gravestone and said, “This man was really marvellous!” When I took a closer look at my ancestor’s portrait on the gravestone, the mysterious man disappeared in plain sight,” the banker-turned-author explained.

Little did Angeline know, this encounter with the mysterious old man was what jump-started her journey to rediscovering her ancestry and the legacy her great-great-grandfather left behind.

“I was beginning to feel immense negativity in my previous career,” she mentioned. “Knowing my ancestral roots and all the values that my ancestors instilled in the past, I feel much happier and more passionate about what I do now.”

Previously featured on Star TV and The Business Station (BFM), Angeline shared on how society today lacks the basic human values in the pursuit of materialism.

“Qualities like empathy, integrity, mutual respect, humility, leadership skills, trust and public confidence are literally missing within the people today,” she expressed. “Humanity has started to diminish. There are so many reports on issues like violence and drug abuse, not mentioning broken families resulting from divorce.”

“What I hope to let my readers know from the book is the selflessness my ancestor had during his leadership. He cared about his people so much, he was willing to sacrifice his life for them. He even built many educational institutes with his own money for the betterment of people,” Angeline further elaborated.

“You have unlimited potential once you have discovered your purpose in life,” she highlighted. “You’ll also realise everything you do at that point is enjoyable.”

Asked on her future plans, she said, “I’m currently in the midst of developing an A.I. educational course. It’s a collaboration with a professor in that field.”

‘Wisdom of the Past’ is available for order via her website

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