Dr Little Instils Knowledge

By Rosli Mansor

The Doctor Little: Science Laboratory programme was held at Ipoh Pantai Hospital on Monday, August 26 which saw the attendance of 105 children aged 6 to 12.

Being the third of its kind this year, Doctor Little boasts a different theme for each series.

“This programme aims to expose children to science and health knowledge while instilling their interest in these fields through methods and activities involving 20 specialists and staff of Pantai Hospital,” said Chong Siet Fong, chief executive officer of the hospital.

Canning state assembly member, Jenny Choy Tsi Jen was present to grace the programme.

In her speech, Choy said she welcomes any initiative from Pantai Hospital to promote a healthy lifestyle via interesting activities.

“I hope there will be more programmes of this kind in the future because they help provide more knowledge not only to children but to the various communities in Ipoh,” she highlighted. “I urge all parties to share with their families and community members for the betterment of children’s health knowledge.”


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