Homestay with Heritage

Upon arrival at Rumah Tiang 16 Homestay, guests will be greeted by its host dressed in traditional Malay costume who would recite a pantun (Malay poem). They will then be served with drinks and tapai (fermented glutinous rice). This cordial welcoming ceremony is accorded to all guests.

The homestay, located in Kampung Kubang Jambu, Lenggong, is one of its kind. So be ready for some pleasant surprises.

Guest accommodation comes in the form of a Rumah Kutai, a traditional Malay wooden house found along the Perak River.

Our two-night stay was fun-filled to the very end. A number of village-based activities were organised so guests could blend in with the local Malay community.

We had a sumptuous lunch at a Malay restaurant in Kampung Kuala Chegar. The meal was served in a talam (metal tray) like they do during communal gatherings.

After a hearty meal we were taken to some must-see sites in the vicinity namely, Lata Kekabu Waterfall, Lenggong Archaeology Gallery and a boat ride in Chenderoh Lake. We tried netting fish too.

Dinner was served kampong-style with everyone seated on the floor and eating together. It was an exciting experience indeed.

Breakfast the following morning consisted of coconut pancakes and fish curry. We were taken around the village to witness some thriving cottage industries like the baking of bahulu (fluffy cakes) and the production of pekasam (preserved fish).

Lunch was an experience in itself. We ate on a purpose-built dangau (hut) in the middle of a farm with villagers for company. It was a sumptuous spread of over 10 dishes from the homestay menu.

The trip ended with us having a go at attap-thatching, sago processing and silat (the art of self-defence).

This experience awaits the adventurous traveller at Rumah Tiang 16 Homestay in Lenggong. Make an appointment with Nasir, the homestay owner.

Rumah Tiang 16,
Kampung Kubang Jambu, Lenggong, Perak.
Nasir – 019 336 8807
Coordinate : N 5o06’53.17416”  E 100o 58’16.81716”
#teringat lenggong
Kawasan Rehat Tasek Raban,
Kampung Kuala Chegar, 33030 Lenggong, Perak.
Junaidah – 013 330 3450
Coordinate: N 5o0’6.63804”  E 100o 56’42.88344”
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