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One advertising showroom in Ipoh Garden South which features free trial of Cosmo Doctor electrotherapeutic devices from Japan is bringing the local community of all ages and ethnicities together to experience its effectiveness minus the hard sell.

Via word of mouth, it draws a crowd of over 1200 per day with more than 100 visitors in each hour-long electrotherapy session. Residents from near and far, including the wheelchair-bound attendees, are spotted queueing up as early as 5am to secure a spot in the earliest session which begins at 10am sharp.

Opened in May, this first and main showroom in Perak state is run by a team of amiable and attentive crew led by Ipoh-born Jeffvin Gill.

With four years’ experience under his belt, the 31-year-old Jeff explained, “This is the best way for us to let people know the importance of health. Many who are suffering diseases tend to give up hope. We are here to give them hope and thus improve their quality of life. If every Malaysian has good health, the government could save on medical costs to be utilised in other areas such as education. Aimed to create widespread awareness in the whole of Malaysia, we started in Kuala Lumpur followed by Penang and now, Perak.”

Accompanying the product trial is a presentation on various health-related topics which quickly becomes a highlight thanks to the entertaining skits in between to aid understanding. Its major theme is that prevention is better than cure. Those present also share stories of personal health transformation to encourage one another.

Everyone (except people with pacemakers) is encouraged to come daily as one could try as many times as they like during the programme period. Just by sitting down, the electrotherapy involves the use of specialised medical devices that create high-voltage AC electric fields which enfold the entire body to improve blood circulation.

“To discover something new, you must try. Put an effort to visit daily as health is not built in one day. My mission here is to deliver smiles to everybody’s faces,” Jeff advised.

“The experience was very enlightening indeed because I learned so much more about my physical well-being, how parts of my body are linked and influence each other, what could become of my health if I do not take adequate care for it. The immediate body response is that I sleep much better. If I see so much improvement from just going for one day, I can’t imagine how beneficial it is for the others to be getting the electrotherapy every day,” said 26-year-old Chris Teh, a first-time attendee.

“After coming for two months, I’ve made many new friends and gained a lot of health info. Suffering from a slipped disc which caused neck and shoulder pain and ringing in the ear, monthly physiotherapy at the hospital offers me just temporary relief. After trying electrotherapy, the pain is getting lesser over time so I regain the confidence to join outdoor activities like extreme sports. I sleep well, have reduced bloating in the stomach and have a healthy bowel movement. Plus the staff here are very helpful,” 49-year-old Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali, who goes to the showroom with his wife and 7-year-old daughter, shared.

“I used to take steroids daily for my painful and stiff joints from head to toe to enable movement as I have rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 25. For instance, I could not get up, turn my neck and my fingers were bent. Then I came to know about this place through a relative and have been coming here for almost three months. After just 10 days, I felt the joint pain subsiding so I stopped taking steroids as it had caused me cellulitis as a side effect before. Currently, I am no longer needing any medication and can carry out my daily routines. I have learnt a lot from Ryunosuke Ohashi, a special instructor here on how to improve our health without medication,” 67-year-old Nar Singh hailing from Kuala Kangsar Road enthused.

Operating daily except Sunday, the other showrooms in Ipoh are located at Greentown, Ipoh Garden and Pasir Puteh respectively. For more updates, visit Cosmo Goodness Facebook page or its website:


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