Sharpened Word: Running Out Of Ideas, Zunar? (11 Jan 2019)

Wanna start the year 2020 with a bang? Sharpened Word may just have the right tonic for that!    On the second Saturday of January, the team is proud to bring Zulkiflee SM Anwar Ulhaque to Ipoh! If you are not sure who he is, his ardent fans simply adore him as ZUNAR!    By this, we don’t need to give a big introduction to our guest. His works are well-loved by the rakyat because they revealed exactly what the readers felt, albeit cheekily. His motto “Even my pen has a stand!” demonstrates his feisty character in seeking and speaking the truth; in telling what he believes that needs to be heard, despite being oppressed by the powers-that-be and a risk a long prison sentence.   Well, that storm may have passed but will Zunar stop? Let’s come to 22 Hale Street and find out. This is not a political session but rather, we want to delve into Zunar’s creative mind and see what makes his ideas tick, how he was inspired and witness how he churns out ideas and showcase his works that will simply cramp our stomachs with tears of laughter.    There will be a book sale too by MPH Bookstore and an autograph session at the end of the mind-boggling session.

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