Additional RM71.1 million for Stimulating the State Economy

Some RM71.1mil were allocated to the state government funds for the second phase of the Perak State Economic Stimulus Package which was announced today on May 20.

The funds would benefit specific economic sectors hard-hit by the pandemic, general Perakeans aside. It includes financial support of RM1,000 per individual for those employed in civil services.

According to Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu, the additional initiative finalises the federal government’s aid in boosting the state’s economy.

He also stated that the economic stimulus package totaled up to around RM101.6mil, inclusive of RM30.44mil utilised during the first phase.

“The stimulus package was divided into six sectors, which were business (RM18.3mil); agriculture (RM15.5mil); tourism (RM10.8mil); education and human capital (RM9.5mil); social services and welfare (RM1.4mil); and land taxes (RM15.4mil),” Faizal mentioned in a statement.

For instance, under the business sector, RM18.3mil were allocated for small and medium-scale industries (RM10.84), entrepreneurs’ microloan services (RM5mil) and e-commerce initiatives (RM1.65mil). 


Rosli Mansor

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