RM28 Million for 2021 Development Projects 

According to the mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, eight development projects are being planned to achieve the vision of Ipoh as a clean, green and progressive city, totalling up to RM28 million for 2021.

“The projects include cleaning and beautification (RM4.5 million), parks and public facilities (RM4 million), infrastructural facilities (RM4.5 million), buildings and real estate (RM4 million), council capital properties (RM6 million), Low Carbon City (LCC) project (RM2 million), Smart City project (RM2 million) and social development (RM1 million),” he explained.

“For the LCC and Smart City project, the amount will be funded up to 10 years, thus each project will cost around RM20 million by 2030, which is the targeted year of realisation for both projects,” Rumaizi added.


Chris Teh

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