Trash Piling Up at Bekor Flats; Assistance Needed 

To solve rubbish dumping issues at the Bekor Flats in First Garden, the Soroptimist International Ipoh (SII) with social activist Muhammad Faiz Abdullah, came together to clean the surroundings of the flat today (September 22) in a gotong-royong programme, along with help from some 27 residents there. 

“We’ve decided to highlight this issue, mainly because our Edufun Centre is situated right next to the corridor area of the flats which has been irresponsibly made a dumping ground by some of those residing there,” said the president of SII, Kimberly Tan. 

“This isn’t an environment conducive for children who stop by the centre for after-school activities,” she added. “We wouldn’t want the children to learn that they can simply make a dumping ground out of any places now, would we?” 

Kimberly Tan (center in purple), Muhammad Faiz (to her left) and other volunteers

Muhammad Faiz mentioned that the issue has been raised to Ipoh City Council (MBI) and is now awaiting further actions from the council to assist in clearing the trash around the flats.

“There are a few issues with the flats. Firstly, one of the flat units is missing a concrete slab which connects the trash chute to the road, making it difficult for the town cleaners to collect the trash properly. 

“Also, the attitude of the flat residents is an underlying reason. They aren’t keen on keeping their living spaces neat and pleasant. This brings another problem to the table; the flats are also home to drug addicts. 

“Since the flats are a private property, MBI isn’t obligated to clean it, but they are willing to assist provided they see some effort from the residents to help maintain cleanliness of the flats to a certain extent,” he explained. 

“Thus, this gotong-royong cleaning will most probably last till this weekend, perhaps Friday or Saturday,” Muhammad Faiz expressed. “Hopefully, the mayor is informed of this issue as soon as possible because the council’s help is of utmost importance and appreciation from us.” 

Anyone who would like to contribute to the cause in any form may do so to Soroptimist International Ipoh. Kindly contact Kimberly at 012 596 8933.


Chris Teh

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