Flood Victims in Perak Increased to 1,237

As of 8am today (January 5), the number of flood victims has increased to 1,237, comprising 287 households, which are now placed at 13 temporary relief centres (PPS) in four districts of Perak.

According to a spokesperson for the Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM) Perak, the number of victims is an increase in comparison with yesterday at only 1,010, comprising 263 households.

He added that Hilir Perak District recorded the highest number of victims at 557, comprising 156 households placed at Tanjung Keramat Hall, Teluk Intan Municipal Council (MPTI) Hall in Teluk Intan and Langkap, Chikus Multipurpose Hall and Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Sri Langkap.

“In Muallim District, victims have increased to 554, comprising 118 households placed at Slim Village Hall, SK Kampung Balun, Community Development Department (KEMAS) Office and SK Kuala Slim.

“In Kampar District, victims have also increased to 75, comprising 21 households placed at Kampung Batu 20 Multipurpose Hall, Dato’ Azman Mahalan Multipurpose Hall and Gopeng Town Hall,” the spokesperson said when contacted today.

He mentioned, Sungai Siput remains at 51 victims, comprising 11 households placed at Tok Sirat Community Hall.


Rosli Mansor


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