Award-winning REAL Kids Preschool to Open in Ipoh

Award-winning REAL Kids preschool will open for physical classes on Monday, January 11, giving children a head start with access to the best preschool programme in Malaysia.

The children, between the ages of three and seven years old, will be nurtured with the best trilingual curriculum, which incorporates some of the most innovative approaches from around the world to encourage continuous learning and improvement.

REAL Education Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr Goh Chee Leong said, “We have been privileged to provide quality preschool education to some 15,000 children over the last 35 years. As such, we are delighted to open our first preschool in Ipoh to overwhelming demand from eager and excited parents.

“Parents enrol their children in REAL Kids as our active learning approaches, through hands-on experience and practical engagement, have transformed our students’ character, communications and collaboration skills, nurturing them to be intelligent, multilingual, confident and outgoing.”

REAL Kids’ Multiple-Intelligences (MI) inspired curriculum aims to develop each child’s eight areas of intelligence. These include mathematics, creativity, visual spatial, as well as interpersonal communication. These are nurtured through extracurricular activities, outdoor excursions, and learning experiences which also incorporate virtual learning.

In addition to well-trained and passionate teachers, REAL Kids Ipoh is equipped with purpose-built amenities such as a swimming pool, children’s gym, MI room, music room, playground, reading corner and more. It is also the first preschool in the city with a garden cum farm for the nature learning classes. 

Top priority is also given to ensure the children’s wellbeing and safety. In addition to its comprehensive set of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, REAL Kids also collaborates with healthcare partners, Columbia Asia Hospitals and Clinipath.

Among the safety protocols to be implemented rigorously on a daily basis are daily temperature checks for all staff and students before entering the centre, social distancing in the classrooms and in all areas within the school, circuit breaker measures to minimize any direct contact between the students of different classes and year groups, daily wipe-downs of all surfaces in the centre using disinfectant and regular washing of hands for staff and students throughout the day.

REAL Kids, the largest owner-operated preschool in Malaysia with 45 centres, has been voted by parents as the Best Preschool Programme (2019 & 2020), Best Trilingual Curriculum (2019 & 2020) and Best Kindergarten Centre (2020). These are awarded by the Parenthood Magazine Malaysia. 

For more information on REAL Kids Ipoh, please call 017 6556101 or visit



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