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Sharpened Word: The Role of Art in Preserving Culture 

An exclusive tête-à-tête was held recently between co-founder of Sharpened Word (SW), an interactive platform that brings together aspiring talents, creative artists and the community, Pak Peter; a member of SW, Aida Nazeri; and the notable emcee, event consultant and trainer, KT Pillai at 22 Hale Street. 

Among the topics of discussion were culture, arts and tourism, a discussion that was wide-ranging and diverse.

Viewed as a way to preserve our heritage, the role of art has become increasingly important; our roots remain relevant as we venture into the future. 

In view of SW organising a multi-talented competition titled ‘Talent Time; Ode to Old Ipoh’, Aida expressed her gratitude for the support of Tourism Perak who sponsored the cash prizes. “The idea came from the renowned Malaysian film, ‘Talent Time’ by Yasmin Ahmad. We are going back to the great days of tin mining, and ode means giving honor. Hopefully we can do this again in the near future in collaboration with other organisations.

“Ipoh is a place for you to learn and as a member of the Sharpened Word, it’s our responsibility to help Ipoh prosper while promoting it as a literary and cultural hub. Our primary objective is to create awareness for creative arts: art, literature, painting and drama,” Aida highlighted.

Pak Peter explained that “Despite years of trying to win the attention of the younger generation, they still pay little or no heed to the arts.”

Once hosting monthly events, SW is now readapting their style of presentation due to the pandemic and is searching for innovative ways to continue their programmes.

Quoting a lesson taught by his father, KT explained that it is a manner of doing ‘everything in moderation’ that helps us thrive. He called on the younger generations to come forward especially during the pandemic to help foster this. 

Asked what Ipoh city could be in five years, Aida said, “I hope Ipoh will have its own unique identity some day and we all have to do our part in preserving our heritage.”

The interview session was done with the help of the recording crew of Ipoh City Council.

The organisation also welcomes volunteers, especially those who have artistic passion! 

Sharpened Word’s Talent Time will be held on January 9, 2021 at 22 Hale Street from 2.30pm to 5pm. Refer to their Facebook post for more information. 

For more updates or programmes, visit Sharpened Word’s Facebook page


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