82,202 Students Enroll In Schooling Sessions Today

A total of 82,202 students comprising preschoolers and pupils from 852 learning institutions around the state have enrolled in schooling sessions today (March 1).

Out of the total, 18,172 are preschoolers, while 32,243 are Year 1 students and the remaining 31,787 are Year 2 students.

According to statistics provided by the Perak State Education Department, Kinta District (including Kampar District) recorded 25,882 enrollments.

This was followed by:

  1. Larut Matang Selama District (10,717)
  2. Manjung District (9,203)
  3. Batang Padang District (including Muallim District) (8,011)
  4. Kerian District (6,547)
  5. Kuala Kangsar District (6,325)
  6. Hilir Perak District (4,492)
  7. Hulu Perak District (4,444)
  8. Perak Tengah District (4,184)
  9. Bagan Datuk District (2,397)


Chris Teh


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