Letter: Uphold the spirit of unity

Gana, Syaiful and Ming. A simple formula that represents Malaysia. These are my colleagues, friends and lunch mates at work. It never is a dull day when we dine out together as we often get curious stares when we dine in a restaurant. Sometimes complete strangers walk up to us to offer their compliments on how we really complete the representation of the major races in Malaysia like a page out of a classic Merdeka day commercial, and I agree wholeheartedly.

I never thought much about our ensemble until it hit me that we really are indeed agents of unity. I believe moderation is what keeps this colorful ensemble together. We are sensitive towards each other’s different cultures and beliefs. Much care and thought are taken into consideration in our choice of food, words and actions.

Our friendship is not rosy all the time. We are not perfect. There are times where we have our differences in opinion and things get sour for a few days. However, there is always that one member on the team that patches things up and ultimately, we make amends to our wrongs.

We see each other in the office throughout the working week. We are in this for the long run. I believe the values of respect, humility and kindness is what keeps the fire in our camaraderie alive.

I would like to remind everyone that the sense of unity is strong within our community. This fellowship has taken us through thick and thin. There will be times where the spirit of unity we have battled hard to keep will be put on trial. However, do not let selfish individuals sway your trust, believe and faith in unity. Practise respect and equality and believe in the good of others.

We are not out of the clouds just yet with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let our unity as one serve as a light and source of strength.

This is our Malaysia.


Yeap Ming Liong

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