Go Green and Save Earth

The responsibility to restore nature is one that we all shoulder equally. Rotary Club of Ipoh South’s (KRIS) mission continues for Earth Day and the focus of this year’s campaign is Restore The Earth. On April 30, a collaborative program to plant fruit trees was held with the residents of Kampung Asli Chadak in Tg. Rambutan. It was led by President Pathma Devi, AG Kamarul Mohd Ariff, IPP Asokan, Rtn. Arun and Rtn. HM Kumaran.

Today, Earth Day is not only meant to increase awareness of environmental problems, but it is also becoming a popular time for many communities to gather to clean up waste, plant trees or simply reflect on the beauty of nature. 

Trees greatly benefit people around them by positively impacting mental health and well-being, reducing stress and encouraging outdoor exercise. This is in addition to the benefits they will derive from improving the quality of the environment and the attractiveness of the areas in which they are planted.

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