Drive-Through Vaccination for the Convenience of All

The first batch of second COVID-19 immunisation vaccine dose receivers comprising 100 individuals will be getting their vaccine via the drive-through vaccination service today (June 10).

The drive-through vaccination is one of five initiatives announced by the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad earlier this month, to speed up and expand the rate of vaccination in the state.

“Stadium Indera Mulia is the first vaccination centre (PPV) in Perak to be made available with a drive-through service.

“With it, vaccination doses could reach up to 2,500 daily. This is also considered a preparatory step in facing future vaccination phases which will be involving many more individuals under the age of 60.

“Since the drive-through initiative is being tested in stages, it’s currently limited only to second dose receivers as the entire process is much simpler.

“Indeed, vaccination in this manner is of utmost convenience for the elderly who are wheelchair-bound, need walking sticks or require constant attention while waiting for their turn to be jabbed.”

He told reporters in a media session at the said stadium after a walk-around at the drive-through PPV.

Two lanes were prepared for the drive-through, in which each lane has three over-the-counter vaccination posts. 

Every vehicle is labelled at the entry points, depending on assessment of recipients, before they proceed to the vaccination counters and subsequently, the monitoring area.

“It’s also a much smoother process. Vaccine recipients will be experiencing the same thing as in the PPV, only in the comfort of their vehicles.

“The Meru Raya Roundabout will also be made a drive-through PPV in the near future. However, reviews and assessments are ongoing to ensure that the area is optimised to prevent traffic jams and overcrowding.

“Hopefully, the drive-through vaccination initiative speeds up the vaccination rate in the state even further,” Saarani expressed.

Ipohite Wong Suit Fah, 60, who fetched her 96-year-old mother Tet Ah Ling to the drive-through PPV opined that it’s much more convenient.

“All I had to do was open the car door for the vaccination staff to perform the jab on my mother, instead of having to wait in the PPV.

“I’m grateful for the drive-through vaccination initiative. It’s so much easier on elderly individuals,” she stated.

Raisul Amir, 27, who also transported his 57-year-old mother to get the jab, had the same opinion. 

“It’s much easier and faster. My mother was contacted by health staff yesterday and asked if she agrees to getting the vaccine via drive-through.

“We’re surprised that a process which usually takes hours can be done in less than an hour.

“We thank the government for coming up with this initiative,” he added.


Chris Teh


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