Elderly Living in Dilapidated House Without Water and Power Supply Receives Help

A senior has been seeking refuge at a dilapidated house by the river which sheltered him from the rain and heat for the past eight years. 

Yip Foong Yin, 70, who has been living in poverty and extreme destitution, lives alone after his house was destroyed by fire.

According to him, he has to find his own source of water daily and sit in darkness at night due to the absence of water and power supply.

Yip Foong, who used to work as a construction worker, now sells fruits at his father’s orchard for a living. “But I can’t sell the fruits now because my bicycle is broken.

“I’m forced to collect rainwater or find my own water source for daily use,” he told Ipoh Echo yesterday (July 9).

Yip Foong expressed his gratitude to all who came forward to help him at the run-down house.

His plight caught the attention of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) and the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin @ Md Daud, as well as the management of Econsave (Bercham).

They contributed food items worth RM300 under the MBI Prihatin (MBI Cares) and the Econsave Prihatin programmes at his house by Sungai Pinji near Taman Pakatan Jaya yesterday afternoon.

Rumaizi said MBI will replace the defective bike with a new tricycle so that Yip Foong can continue his business again. We’ll also help him obtain a temporary hawker permit (PPS) so he can run his business,” he said.

In the same development, Council Member of the MBI for Zone 14 (Pasir Pinji), Dr. Richard Ng said he will visit Yip Foong every two weeks to ensure he is living in good condition.

“As a council member of MBI, I will continue to assist the people in need, especially in this time of COVID-19 pandemic no matter where I am,” he said.

Meanwhile, Econsave North 2 General Manager, Chua Yong Chiang said his team will send 10 cartons of mineral water so Yip Foong can enjoy clean water.

Chua added that Econsave will provide a gas stove so the elderly can cook without having to use firewood as he has been doing every day.  

Present was Econsave Bercham Branch Manager, G. V. Rakhesh.


Rosli Mansor


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