Viva Las Vegas!

By SH Ong

Besides providing food to their hungry customers, Restoran Vegas in Canning Garden is donating about 100 packets of free food from their premises to the poor and underprivileged on a daily basis.

How did it all start? Maggie Yee, the owner of this restaurant said, “One day, a regular customer came to me and asked for some free food. I was taken by surprise and not knowing what to do at that moment, I quickly packed up one packet of food from one of my stalls and gave it to her. This incident troubled me a lot and I started to think about how bad the situation with the economy is. After consulting with some like-minded friends on this matter, I decided to begin distributing free food packs to the B40s and especially to the old and disabled. Since the stalls in my shop were not doing too well either, I decided to buy about 100 packets of food from them to give away daily. This has been going on since July 4, 2021.”

As the donation drive has proven to be popular and successful, Maggie Yee has taken it one step further by setting up a food bank at her premises where everyone who has any needs are welcomed to pick up the food items such as rice, flour, sugar, canned foodstuff and other household items. The launch of this food bank took off at 12pm today (July 10) with a contribution of more than 100 packs of foodstuff which was very well received by the people who showed up. 

Everyone interested is encouraged to donate whatever they can to this food bank to make it a success.



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