Urban Farming to Prevent Food Security Crisis

The latest urban farming project at the foothills of Gunung Matsoorat (next to Gunung Lang) here in Ipoh, which highlights hydroponic and fertigated farming, is set to be a reinforcement of national food security and quality.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, the project, a part of the Ipoh City Council’s (MBI) pilot survey conceptualised during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is in line with making Gunung Matsoorat an eco-tourism spot that puts forth the benefits of urban farming.

“As we’ve been informed, the pandemic has halted import and export activities of raw ingredients which subsequently caused food shortages.

“As of the latest development, Malaysia is currently experiencing an import and export deficit rate of 24.9 percent (equivalent to RM21.7 billion), where imported food products cost RM55.5 billion compared to exported products at only RM33.8 billion.

“Our nation will possibly suffer a food security crisis should the deficit rate increase to 35 percent in 10 years to come due to overdependence on food supplies sourced from other countries.

“Apart from that, countless members of the public lost their jobs and sources of income.

“As such, the concept of urban farming is one of the ways to aid locals in improving economic revenues.”

He told reporters during a media session at the foothills of Gunung Matsoorat today (September 11).

“For now, 650 pots of chilli are planted within 7,000 sq ft of the foothill, with construction costing RM60,000 for the farming facilities,” Rumaizi mentioned.

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Light and Sound Project to Complete by the End of October

Technical Senior Director of MBI, Khairul Anuar Lodin, who was also present, said that the ongoing light and sound project at Ipoh Padang is set for completion by the end of October later this year.

“The project was met with several pandemic-induced difficulties, but fret not, the beautification project will be operational starting some time in November this year.

“Thus, we request members of the public to be more patient,” he explained.

Previously, AJ We Care, a local NGO urged MBI to speed up the project’s completion on September 7.

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