Snippets on Food: Charmaine’s Shat Kei Ma

Shat Kei Mah or Sachima as westerners know it, is a sweet Chinese pastry made up of flour batter that’s been egg-tossed and then deep-fried, coated in syrup and maltose, sliced and served. They have the same form and the same gooey consistency of Rice Krispie treats, but unlike the latter, Sachima has been around for centuries.

In IpohSachima has become a must-buy gift for anyone coming for a short visit. Indeed, it is one of the sweet treats I take with me on my travels as gifts for my friends abroad.

But there is commercial Sachima and there is Shat Kei Mah made by Charmaine Low.

Charmaine is an entrepreneur who has been involved in various enterprises, from beauty salons to boutiques, and is now in the private food production business. Her Shat Kei Mah is second to none.

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