Phase 2 Payment of Prihatin Special Grant 4.0 Begins Today

By Mei Kuan

The phase 2 payment of the Prihatin Special Grant 4.0 (GKP) under the National People’s Well-Being and Economic Recovery Package (PEMULIH) begins today (November 23).

The Prihatin Special Grant is a one-off financial assistance to qualified Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (Micro SMEs) to alleviate the financial burden of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic while increasing productivity of production and services.

A payment of RM500 will be made and it is set to benefit over 1 million eligible micro SMEs.

According to the recent media statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, the payment is an extension of the phase 1 payment of RM500 made in September.

Thus, each entrepreneur involved will receive payment totalling RM1,000 under the GKP 4.0. 

“This initiative will involve the existing recipients of GKP 1.0, GKP 2.0, GKP 3.0 and new recipients of GKP 4.0 with a financial implication of RM500 million,” the statement highlighted.

Payment will be credited directly into the bank account registered in the GKP system. Approval status can be checked via the GKP portal: https://gkp.hasil.gov.my.

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) is also available on the portal for reference.

Overall, the total allocation which has been and will be channeled to over 1 million micro SMEs under GKP since the COVID-19 hit the country is RM6.08 billion.

It is hoped that the continuous cash aid for the eligible micro SMEs will improve their cash flow and restore businesses of the most impacted sector throughout the pandemic. 



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