Green Energy Solution is the Future

We have heard of solar energy but are we aware of its advantages? The beauty of shifting to solar energy is that it can significantly reduce our electricity bills.

Now it bears the question: where does the energy to power our appliances at home or in the office currently come from?

At the moment, they are being generated via power plants with the use of coal and diesels. However, natural resources such as these, as abundant as they are, will eventually run out. Hence, we need to conserve them while we still can. 

According to the Associate Director of MicroEnergy, Dylan Leong, solar energy has been tried and tested for more than 40 years. Similarly, like other newly invented technologies in the market which have not lived through the test of time, it works. 

Sharing with Ipoh Echo, Dylan said the privileges of going solar is that one no longer has to cough up so much money for bills at home. With the use of solar energy, one can easily cross electricity bills off the monthly to-do list.

Other than saving your wallet, using solar energy can save the environment. “Solar energy generation uses a technology which creates power from the sun. The energy generated offsets the use of fossil fuel energy. Therefore, it can reduce carbon footprints which pollute the environment.  

“In Malaysia, green energy started in the early 1950s through the incorporation of mini hydro generators to produce hydroelectric power in the rural areas. Today, we have biogas, biomass and solar energy as the main source of green energy all throughout Malaysia, although we can say that it is still in the infancy stage,” he stressed. 

The technology works as long the assets (solar panels) are available. If you are worried about how long they can last, rest assured as they can endure several decades of use. It depends on the type of solar panels; premium solar panels can work up to 40 years, while the lower tier panels can last for about 30 to 35 years. 

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using solar technology to generate electricity. This is the cumulation of solar panels, inverters and a cabling system which is used in the process of producing electrical power.

However, Dylan observed that people’s unenthusiastic response is mainly due to the high cost of installation and many don’t see it as a good value for money. “Perhaps the cost of the solar assets could be lowered to encourage more people to employ solar energy. Another flaw beyond the high-budget is that the panels are also very large and heavy.” 

However, Dylan assures that the system is still suitable for residential and household use, especially if the monthly electricity bill is RM250 and above

Various parties including service providers and the government have brought the issue to light as awareness precedes action. The community needs to understand how solar energy works and how it benefits them, in order for them to be more open to its use. 

To know more about solar energy or if your premises/house is suitable for solar panel installation, contact Dylan Leong at 017-3787234

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