Price Hikes in Vegetables and Gardenia

November is definitely the month of sad news. First, we were told that our favourite affordable retail store, Eco Shop, will be increasing the prices of their products by 10 cents due to the surge in the cost of goods. 

The announcement released by the shop on November 17 highlighted that they will still ensure that only the best quality items are sold to their customers at a low-cost.

However, Eco Shop products are not the only things that are experiencing an increase in prices. Based on the Kuala Lumpur Vegetable Wholesalers Association (KLWA), our country’s annual monsoon season has caused a price hike for vegetables. According to Free Malaysia Today, the prices of beans, chilies, and cauliflowers and other vegetables have risen by two-fold (200 percent) in the past two weeks. 

Not only that, Gardenia bread lovers would be upset to find out that we will be saying goodbye to the low prices of our beloved Gardenia buns starting December 1. For instance, a RM2.50 Gardenia Original Classic 400g will be priced at RM2.80 while the 400g Gardenia Bran & WheatGerm will increase by 40 cents from RM2.50 and the Gardenia Quick Bite will be priced at RM1. 

Gardenia Bakeries has announced the revised price of its baked goods to retailers. They explained that the surge in price is due to the rising cost of raw materials. 

There will be a four percent hike in the price from the current 10 percent. 

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) said that an official statement regarding the matter will be released after tomorrow’s (November 26) meeting with the local bread producer. 

Speaking to Ipoh Echo, Jessie Tan, 25 said that she is not surprised that the bread company decided to increase the price. 

“I think it’s reasonable and expected because things are not cheap nowadays. We can’t expect to get that ‘once upon a time’ rate where you can get a bun for 50 cents. 

“I have an emotional bond with Gardenia as it is like a childhood memory to me. It was my breakfast and sometimes lunch during my school days. I still eat them for breakfast although I’m working already,” said the bread enthusiast, who has also been a fan of Gardenia for 15 years. 


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