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Tg Tualang Restaurant Offers 15 Types of Satays

Satay belongs to the iconic category of food in our country; it reflects our legacy of diversity. Sold at almost every street food stall, the skewered meat often comes in choices of chicken, beef, pork and lamb and is enjoyed by all regardless of race. 

The popular street snack can be commonly found in eateries everywhere. So, what’s special about the place we’re featuring?

You can choose from not one, not two, but 15 different types of skewers at Restoran Ratu Satay in Tg Tualang. 

First started in 1946, the family business has been passed down four generations in the past 75 years of operation.


According to Quratu, the fourth generation running the eatery, the selling of satay has gone through several transitions, from bicycle satay (selling on a bicycle) to opening up a pop-up store in front of their house or by the roadside, and now they’ve expanded into a restaurant since March this year. 

Wanting to bring more variety to the popular street snack, she came up with the creative idea to turn other food into juicy skewers. 

What’s on the menu that you could try?

You have ample choices to choose from: satay tulang (chicken), satay telur sotong (squid egg), satay paru (lung), satay cheese (chicken satay wrapped in mozzarella cheese), satay puyuh (quail), satay batang pinang (beef eye fillet), satay udang (prawn), satay kulit ayam (chicken skin), satay daging (beef), satay ayam (chicken) and even satay ikan lokching (fish).

If you are more of an adventurous eater, you can also go for their satay perut (cow stomach), satay tongkeng (chicken barge) or satay arnab (rabbit). 

Photo sourced from the Restoran Ratu Satay Facebook page

The chunky pieces of meat are grilled to perfection, charred at the edges and with just the right amount of fat. 

It’s even better when the plus-sized satays are dipped in their fragrant and nutty peanut sauce. 

For those who want that little extra kick, you can also ask for additional sauce to spice it up. The mildly spicy sauce with a subtle hint of sourness can surely tantalise your taste buds. 

Photo sourced from the Restoran Ratu Satay Facebook page
Photo sourced from the Restoran Ratu Satay Facebook page

The delectable taste of the satays comes from Kak Ratu’s skill and dedication in fanning the flames for the skewers and of course, the marination process too. 

We were told that the authentic peanut sauce is passed down through generations as a family recipe (so you can’t get it elsewhere). That mild tingling sensation from the sauce pairs perfectly with the skewered meats.  

With prices ranging from 80 cents to RM1.80 per satay, customers are lovin’ it. We all agree it is definitely a good quality affordable eats you can get. 

How did Quratu map out the idea of expanding the menu?

The concept of selling various satays came about due to her own lack of time to cook. Like many of us, her schedule is jam-packed with work as she prepares and grills the satays every day but her dedication has led her to an unexpected discovery. 

“I barely have time on my hands, so if I want to eat udang or telur sotong, I will try to do it as satay—so I can eat while I do my work.

“My family and friends liked the style too after trying them. Many have encouraged me to put them on the menu,” she explained.

Located at 13, Jalan Hamid, 31800 Tg Tualang, the restaurant opens from 4pm to 10pm daily except Friday. However, the proprietor is looking forward to starting a satay food truck and Ipoh is on the top of her list! 

For more updates, check out their Facebook page.


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