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Chang Jiang to Bring More Crowds to People’s Park

A cup of frothy coffee accompanied with the local style kaya and butter toast. How often do you get to enjoy a peaceful breakfast in a park? 

What if we tell you, you can do that at the People’s Park Chang Jiang White Coffee?

Situated right in the heart of the city, the cafe reflects a modern theme. 

Instead of the usual concrete walls and plastic tables, the cafe incorporated wood into their design that sets off a mood of nostalgia. 

The tables set by every window offers you a view of the park, and the food complements the atmosphere. 

One will be given a menu with a packet of kopi kaw (Malaysian slang for thick or strong coffee) printed on its cover page to awaken that caffeine thirst. Chang Jiang is always ready to satisfy your ravenous appetite or just to titillate your palate. 

Reasonably priced, their food ranges from light breakfast to main dishes and snacks.  

Time to introduce your taste buds to the new item on their menu; the Baba series that includes Baba spicy rice and noodles. The spicy flavour was inspired by our ethnic diversity to suit the community’s taste as a whole.  

You can even opt to sit in the air-conditioned area or enjoy the morning breeze outside (if you are up early enough to catch it). 

The cafe opens at 9am in the morning and closes at 6pm in the evening. 

Maintaining the park is better to attract people, of course, but having a cafe serving traditional local food truly helps revitalise the area even more. 

People’s Park Chang Jiang White Coffee will be officially launched on December 12 but to prevent crowding, there are limited seats only. Note that Chang Jiang will be closed from today (December 7) until the launching day. 

Chang Jiang White Coffee also has an outlet at 7 Jalan Windsor, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. Read SeeFoon’s write-up about them here


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