Memories Harboured in Tanjung Rambutan

The town of Tanjung Rambutan, or colloquially known simply as Tanjung, is located not far from the city of Ipoh. 

It is well-known for being the location of the mental asylum, Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan, that was built there in 1911. It is the oldest mental asylum in Malaysia. 

Another one of the highlights of Tanjung Rambutan is its market that is located in a public field. Also known as the Tanjung Market, it has been upgraded with more modern facilities including a food court in recent years, not unlike that of the Central Market in Ipoh. 

As for the old railway station, it has long lost its original function. It is now a food centre with stalls selling various cuisines, the popular ones being the mamak mi goreng and rojak mi. Perhaps repurposing the old building in such a way would ensure that it is always preserved and maintained. 

Other railway stations that have been repurposed into food centres include the old Kluang Station and the old Taiping Station.  

In contrast, facing the Tanjung Rambutan railway station is a wooden building that was previously a post office. It has been abandoned for more than a decade now and is rapidly falling into disrepair. 

Tanjung also used to be known for its night market that used to be hailed as one of the biggest and liveliest around Ipoh. It was previously located not far from Kampung Melayu Tanjung Rambutan, however the site has since been transformed into a housing area. 

Not too far away from Tanjung is an area known as Hulu Kinta which hosts two famous landmarks. The first is the headquarters of the General Operations Force which was previously the Police Field Force camp. The second is the Ipoh Teacher College, also commonly known as IPG Ipoh. 

Despite its status as a small town in the outskirts of Ipoh, Tanjung Rambutan continues to develop and will carry with it its rich history. 


Rosli Mansor


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