Debugging Minds’ Breakthrough Weekend

Debugging Minds’ Breakthrough Weekend which will be happening virtually on April 22 to 24 will focus on topics which have put many of us in a dilemma. Speaking to the Certified Coaches and Founders of Debugging Minds, Justin Gerard and Cynthia Pinga, Ipoh Echo gained some insights on how to push past the fear of failure, how to beat procrastination and how to regain self-confidence. 

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure?  

To grow out of a problem, we first need to understand why we behave the way we did. Frankly, one’s perception or action stems from a throng of reasons, and the subconscious mind plays a large part of it.

Many don’t play the game well when it comes to taking care of ourselves and end up living in regret later on.

We often let our emotions get the best of us, especially when we perceive that the particular thing could do potential harm to us. So, some people give up before they even attempt to do something. It’s time to stamp out that state of mind and begin to lead a more contented life. 

The Certified Happiness and Confidence Coaches, Justin Gerard and Cynthia Pinga said that if you want something, work for it. Once you let fear take control of you, you would pretty much live an unfulfilled life as the satisfaction of who you want to become will never be met. 

A mini regret survey that was conducted by Daniel H. Pink, the author of the book, ‘Power of Regret’ showed that a large number of people live in remorse for not having the courage to try in the past. 

According to Cynthia, emotions are feedback to us. Fear is feedback and it’s saying that you are not prepared and you might get hurt if you continue to pursue the things you want. Sometimes, fear may be real fear (if we are in real danger) or it could be perceived fear. We have intense fear because we have experienced hurt, loss, or pain in the past and our brain is preventing us from potentially experiencing it in the future. 

Fear of failure is a protective mechanism we build for ourselves. The negative thoughts, therefore, become a sanctuary for protecting us from pain and we seek refuge in our comfort bubble. 

“I have spoken to many people who have once allowed fear of failure to stop them from reaching their dreams and this is what they told me: “Why start this new business if I know it’s not going to succeed?”, “I would rather be alone than getting married again.”. Sometimes, the stories we tell ourselves are attributed to us refusing to take the first step,” she said. 

In order to defeat that mindset, you need to shift your perspective about failure. Don’t have a doomed view on the situation. Failure is just feedback that you need to uncover or learn something from. 

In hand with that, we need to awaken the hunger to feel successful again. Whether it’s searching for love in a new marriage, starting up a new business or furthering your studies, it is never too late to try again. 

What is the biggest booster of self-confidence?

Sometimes, one’s emotions may be rooted from a lack of self-confidence. Though there are various aspects hindering confidence such as having a fixed mindset, self-doubt, negative self-talk and lack of competence, it is nevertheless crucial to assess and pick out which area(s) a person is short of and approach them appropriately. 

The way we stand and our physical posture can be one of the fastest confidence boosters. For instance, simple techniques of a high Power Pose that you can perform are standing with feet slightly apart and having your arms raised in a “V” shape above your head (cheerleader pose), standing with your feet apart with your shoulders open and hands on your hips (Superman/Wonder Woman pose), and sitting or standing with fingers crossed behind your head.

Aside from fear, procrastination may have also posed an issue to many. You can defeat it. 

If you often find yourself putting things off or having trouble completing a task in a timely manner, then you are a procrastinator. Although many reasons account for procrastination, we are usually aware that we are dragging our feet. 

“It means we have a choice and exercised the power of our free will and decided to ‘do it later’. This brings into question the reason behind the act. Our brain can be quite a runner especially from pain and moving towards what is pleasurable. We would distance ourselves from events, activities or even people that we unconsciously associate pain with. Understanding how we use pain and pleasure instead of having them use us is the secret to overcoming procrastination,” they highlighted. 

Time for a reinvention

“The world has changed a lot since the pandemic hit us. My own parents who once did not like using smartphones have been forced to reinvent and adapt to the use of smartphones. The only thing certain in life is constant and never-ending change. When life demands change, some people are quick to reinvent and adapt, others are left behind. In the business world, companies are forced to rethink and adapt to changes in the environment, and the companies that are unable to adapt become irrelevant. We need to reinvent ourselves not just to survive but to be relevant now and in the future. To do so we need to constantly grow, learn and reinvent our skills so we can be relevant and make a difference no matter which stage in life we are at,” they shared. 

Debugging Minds was founded by Justin Gerard and Cynthia Pinga in Ipoh. In Debugging Minds, they believe that everyone is unique and gifted in a special way. Everyone has the purpose of contributing to the world by making it better than what it was before. Debugging Minds’ mission is to help a billion people transform themselves so they can live a successful and fulfilling life by using their gifts and going after their dreams.

If you are looking for a breakthrough yourself, take some time off for their two-day Breakthrough Weekend. Register at https://bit.ly/bweekend2022 .

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