New Concession Company to be Appointed for Garbage Collection 

The issue of untimely garbage collection in several areas around the city that has garnered complaints from Ipohites has caught the attention of the Mayor. 

This is because a disorganised collection schedule also leads to other hygiene problems due to the increased compilation of rubbish within an area. 

Following this, the Ipoh City Council (MBI) will end the services of the current concession company starting next month and replace it with another to carry out the collection of domestic trash. 

Ipoh Mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin said that his party has taken note of the matter and has drafted both long-term and short-term solutions in response. 

“The main problem faced by the concession company is the lack of manpower, especially that of foreign workers.

“It is understood that the shortage of workers has inhibited the operations for garbage collection, however this is something that should have been overcome. 

“There is also a shortage of garbage trucks, so we will be temporarily hiring another concession company as a short-term solution,” he said. 

As for a long-term solution, Rumaizi added that MBI will be taking over garbage collection operations from the concession company.

He also said that MBI will be receiving four more garbage trucks in June for this purpose. 

On another note, Rumaizi stated that the total domestic rubbish to be collected is expected to increase by 15 percent during the Aidilfitri holidays compared to the current 500 tonnes a day. 

“Garbage collection operations will go on as usual across the Aidilfitri holidays. We have also made preparations to ensure it will be carried out in a timely manner,” he assured. 


Rosli Mansor 


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