Vale Continues Food Aid In Manjung

Ramadhan Food Basket initiative supports 200 socioeconomically vulnerable families 

By Vale

Vale, one of the world’s leading mining companies, recently continued its support for the socioeconomically vulnerable families in Manjung by delivering food aid packages to 200 families living in the district. 

The ‘Ramadhan Food Basket’ initiative, also done in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, is part of Vale’s flagship ‘Vale Bersama Manjung’ programme, which has culminated in the distribution of over RM2 million worth of assistance for various communities in Manjung since March 2020. 

The 200 families in the community were identified by the Manjung District Social Welfare Department (JKM). These recipients included families of single mothers, people with disabilities, and other socioeconomically underprivileged persons. Aligned with the universal spirit of giving during the month of Ramadhan, beneficiaries of the initiative also consisted of families of various races.

Rodrigo Ribeiro de Araújo, CEO of Vale in Malaysia said: “The month of Ramadhan has provided us with an opportunity to reflect on how we can do better; be it as an individual, or as a company. As a member of the community here in Manjung, Vale is cognisant of the challenges faced by some families living in Manjung. This contribution is our way to support these families during the festive period, so that they can have a safe and joyous Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.”

Since 2020, the ‘Vale Bersama Manjung’ programme has benefited various communities in Manjung, from single mothers to neurodivergent children. Since it started operations in Teluk Rubiah a decade ago, Vale has invested close to RM60 million on various socio-environmental initiatives in Malaysia, testament to its commitment to a sustainable presence in the countries where it operates.

Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God) for this contribution. It is the first time for me and my family to receive this food basket with all the essentials. We are truly grateful to Vale for their kindness during this Raya season,” said Raja Mohd Shazlan bin Raja Mahmud, one of the recipients. An individual with disability, Raja Mohd Shazlan supports himself as a freelance designer. With no regular income, he welcomed and appreciated this contribution from Vale. 

Siw Mia Hai who was on hand to receive a food basket from Vale said, “I am very grateful to receive this contribution. After my son passed away from cancer, and my daughter-in-law due to COVID-19, I am taking care of my three grandkids. I love them very much, but at my age it is challenging to keep up with my household expenses. I appreciate this contribution from Vale and hope more corporations follow suit and help the community.” 

“I am very grateful to Vale for this food basket especially during the festive season, when our household expenses are on the rise. Goodwill acts like these have really helped the community here in Manjung, and I’m sure we will have a more joyful Hari Raya this year because of this,” said Ramlah binti Husain, another recipient of the ‘Ramadhan Food Basket’ initiative. As a senior citizen, Ramlah currently lives alone and suffers from diabetes and hypertension. She receives some help from her son on a monthly basis, but it doesn’t cover all her expenses and medication. 


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