Operations of Schools to Return to Normal Beginning May

The operations of schools and educational institutions under the Ministry of Education (MOE) will return to normal like pre-pandemic beginning May 1.

Senior Education Minister, Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin said the decision was made in view of the COVID-19 SOP relaxations which are effective May 1.

The set SOPs are as announced by the Minister of Health yesterday. However, two SOPs are still in force, namely the wearing of face masks in the classroom and enclosed spaces, as well as the management of symptomatic students.

“It can be said that the operations of schools have returned to normal like pre-pandemic.

“However, face masks must still be worn while at enclosed spaces such as classrooms and libraries,” he said during a media conference today.

He added that mask-wearing is eased for when one is alone, teachers teaching in front of the class, sports activities, children of aged 5 and below, individuals with special needs and those with breathing difficulties.

According to him, beginning May 1, there will no longer be social distancing of one metre in schools including within the classrooms. Students and teachers are also allowed to dine at the school canteen.



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