Distribution of Free Rubbish Bins Benefits Ipohites

The recent distribution of free rubbish bins to residents around Pasir Pinji was an initiative of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) to curb illegal dumping.

Through the distribution, each household has the responsibility to ensure proper disposal as exposed rubbish can attract wildlife.

MBI Council Member for Zone 14, Dr. Richard Ng stated that the new bins enable more efficient domestic waste collection.

He added that the habits of dumping rubbish on the roadside and hanging it on electric poles pollute the view.

“During the first phase, we distributed 500 bins. For the current second phase, 500 more bins are distributed. The number will increase in the next phase.

“Today, we distribute 300 bins to 300 household representatives at the Pasir Pinji Community Hall followed by residents of Taman Kampar in the evening.

“We will also distribute bins from home to home for recipients made up of the differently-abled and elderly.

He said so after completing the presentation of free rubbish bins in conjunction with the celebration of the 34th Ipoh City Day at the Pasir Pinji Community Hall.

Most of the recipients were families from the B40 group.

Richard added that his party was also assisted by several local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in cleaning up the illegal rubbish dumps around Pasir Pinji.

Among the NGOs involved were the Lions Club of Perak Silver State, Ipoh City Watch, Kelab Rukun Tetangga (KRT) Pasir Pinji, KRT Boon Bak, Pasir Pinji Volunteer Fire Brigade, JPP Pasir Pinji and S. Ravi Plastic Sdn Bhd.

According to Richard, inspection by his party found there were 25 locations of illegal rubbish dumping.

“Most locations are at the same sites which have already been cleaned by the MBI before but the irresponsible individuals continue dumping.

“The local community needs to play its role by not littering.


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  1. There is no proper rubbish disposal at Taman Falim as well (in front of TF). Can MBI look into this?

  2. These rubbish bins are not free. It is paid with taxes and should have been distributed decades ago. Stop glorifying a responsibility that has been expiring. Do your job.

  3. Would like to apply a dustbin for at location Arena Taman Pertama

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