KOMBEST Promotes Environmental Sustainability in the Community

The Kampar District Council (MDK) takes the issue of illegal rubbish dumps, which is a recurring problem in the community, seriously, as it impacts environmental sustainability and well-being of all.

According to the Council Member of MDK, Rafidi Mohd Razali, illegal rubbish dumps will encourage the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes, causing a dengue outbreak such as the one which occurred at Taman Sejahtera, Kampar early this year.

“The habit of littering everywhere, rather than of using the rubbish bins, is a culture that should be stopped. This bad behaviour not only impacts on health, it creates a negative impression among tourists.

“The littering of plastic bottles, polystyrene and drink packets contributes to environmental pollution besides causing the spread of diseases like dengue, chikungunya and leptospirosis.

“The organisation of Program Komuniti Bersih & Sihat (KOMBEST) is one of MDK’s initiatives to get the community involved in the efforts of environmental sustainability by instilling discipline and cleanliness habits starting from home,” stated the Yang Dipertua of MDK, Abdul Halim Saad, during the recent launch of KOMBEST at the premises of Surau Taman Sejahtera, Mambang Diawan at Kampar.

KOMBEST was a local agenda programme (LA21) comprising 3 main cores namely local authorities (MDK), community of the Neighbourhood Association Area (Kawasan Rukun Tetangga) B, government/private agencies and NGOs.

Aside from gotong royong (work party), activities such as explorace competition, colouring contest, composting demonstration, health exhibition, free health checkup and lucky draw were also held.

Rosli Mansor 

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