Exco Made Surprise Visits to Schools to Monitor the Price and Quality of Food

Since April, numerous surprise visits and inspections of schools around the state have been carried out to monitor the quality and price of food given to students.

Executive Councillor for Education, Higher Education and Human Resource, Ahmad Saidi Mohamad Daud said the special approach was organised by his party to see firsthand the food preparation in the school canteens.

He said, at the moment, his party has inspected some 15 schools involving four districts in Perak.

“I went on-site with the District Education Office (PPD). Recently, a visit to Larut Matang and Selama brought us to three schools including primary, secondary as well as special education.

“The schools weren’t informed about the programme, thus, the two parties that were aware of the initiative are the Perak State Education Department and the Exco Office of Education.

He said at a press conference after presenting the tools for rehabilitation to the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) Prihatin Squad 2022 to Hasliza Abdul Karim at Persiaran Klebang Selatan, today.

Present was the Head of the Prevention, Medical and Rehabilitation Branch of the Perak Socso Office, Adibah Mohamed Amin.

In the meantime, the survey of the inspections has shown a very positive result as the schools involved were compliant with the standards.

“I had a meal with the students during their break time and tasted myself the food and drinks they had. We are very satisfied with the quality of food provided to the students.

“In addition to keeping a close eye on the quality, another reason for this visit is to avoid food poisoning cases,” he said.

Therefore, he has discussed with the Exco of health and the State Health Department (JKN) to also continue the effort in carrying out inspections in the future.

“As JKN has set in place a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), so immediate action will be taken to terminate the canteen operator for failure to comply,” he said.



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