Self-Test Before Travel for the Holidays

Please heed the advise of the Health Ministry to undergo a Covd-19 self-test using the RTK-antigen (RTK-Ag) self-test kits. Travel and movement is expected to be on the rise due to the upcoming Hari Raya Haji season. It comes as no surprise as Malaysia has entered the transition into the endemic phase and we are edging closer to normalcy.

However, this does not mean we should let our guard down. Using these test kits has its advantages. We still need to stay vigilant and protect each other. The price of the self-test kits are also significantly lower these days, making it more affordable for everyone.

Continue to mask up especially around children and the elderly. Some will argue that there is no need to do so and constant fear of the virus is akin to living in a cave. Some individuals have also likened the Covid-19 virus to the common flu and that there is nothing to be fearful about.

This arrogant and lackadaisical attitude will only bring more harm than good. Yes, there might come a time where we can go back to pre-pandemic days. However, that time is not now. I too long for life to be as it was. We are on track to achieve that.

So, please be reminded to value all lives. We have lost enough to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some we are able to recoup while some are gone forever. Let us remain united in our battle against the virus. It is through this very sense of togetherness as Malaysians that our triumph will be achieved.

Remember those we have lost, listen to the plight of our frontliners, who have, and are continuing to battle tooth and nail to ensure a safer Malaysia. Be grateful to them. Compliance and adherence to the already relaxed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is the least we can do.

Yeap Ming Liong
Subang Jaya, Selangor

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