Elderly Couple Suffering From Various Diseases Appeal For Help

An elderly married couple living in Persiaran Tawas Baru, are in dire straits and need the help of concerned parties, including any concerned members of the public.

Yea Soon Bah, 76, said he has prostate disease that requires him to wear a urine bag all the time, in addition to other ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

While his wife, Wong Ah Boon, 66, is now bedridden following a stroke two years ago.

According to Soon Bah, he has two children who now have their own lives; a son in Kuala Lumpur and a daughter in Bercham.

“My three grandchildren stay here while my daughter and her husband work and they will take the children in the evening after finishing their painting work,” he said.

He explained that the medical costs that have to be paid every month for his and his wife’s treatment cannot be afforded by his children. This is because both work with irregular income in addition to taking wages as laborers for painting work.

“I used to work as a laborer and get paid to cut down trees in the forests. But after an accident of being hit by a log tree, I can no longer work hard.

“Last year I was diagnosed with prostate disease and besides that I have gout and diabetes and need insulin injections.

“My vision is not very clear because I have cataracts, in September I will have to do a further examination at the hospital.

“Recently the doctor suspected that I had cancer cells and he asked me to do further examination because it is feared that if it is true, it will spread to my other organs.

“I have to always go back and forth between health clinics and hospitals to take medicine, including for my wife who is bedridden,” he told reporters on Friday.

In the meantime, Soon Bah said he also needs to take care of his wife who needs close care. He also said that he does need help in terms of disposable diapers and health equipment such as a bed for his wife.

“In addition to being bedridden, my wife has actually had mental health problems for the past 10 years. Her kidneys also have problems and she needs to take insulin injections,” he added.

Meanwhile, Perak MCA Complaints and Public Service Bureau Chief, Low Guo Nan (Ah Nan), who led a visit to the couple’s house said that his party has submitted the case to the Perak Social Welfare Department.

In addition, he said, the elderly couple were also faced with two months of unpaid house rent, including electricity and water bills.

“We are trying to apply with JKM to help this couple, we have just received approval and from next month onward, JKM will help RM500 every month.

“People are welcomed to offer donations such as disposable diapers, beds or private ambulance services to take his wife for follow-ups and check-ups, because her condition does not allow her to ride in a car,” he added.

People who want to donate can do so by calling 012-5321128 (Ah Nan).

For any donation of food items or health equipment, they can come to the Ipoh Barat MCA Coordination Center, Wisma Ehsan 1-7, Jalan Sultan Yussof.

by Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

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