Continuous Preservation of Jalan Berek to Attract Visitors to Taiping

The unique Jalan Berek located in the middle of the heritage town of Taiping has a big potential to be a new hotspot to attract more visitors.

The Yang Dipertua of Taiping Municipal Council (MPT), Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir said the effort of the 10 business premises on the street in preserving and conserving the building has enhanced the beauty of the old-world charm.

According to Khairul Amir, his party is now conducting a preservation programme at Jalan Berek to take care of street cleanliness and the beauty of the streetscape.

“The five elements of preservation for Jalan Berek are cleanliness, beauty, tidiness, green and safety.

“I was informed that around 2019, the MPT had begun the first step by relocating the parking spots.

“This included planting about 30 shady trees along Jalan Berek.

“Besides that, the MPT has received collaboration from the police who conduct safety patrols from time to time at the route and surrounding routes.

He said so when officiating an arts and culture carnival at Jalan Berek recently. The carnival was held in conjunction with the recent City Day celebration with various competitions and performances as well as participation by small and medium-sized industries.

He added that there are about 10 hipster cafes and businesses on the street following the current trend.

“The main highlight of the street is the three outlets offering the best cendol (iced dessert) in town. In the past, these were grouped under a single brand named Cendol Bismillah.

“All these features could contribute to the early development of the preservation project.

He mentioned that it is now timely for the initiative by MPT to resume after a two-year delay caused by the pandemic.

“At the end of 2021, the promotion of the street was continued with the ‘Jom Plog Bersama YDP @ Jalan Berek’ programme together with the staff members of MPT, Larut Matang district government agency, private sector and non-governmental organisation (NGO).

“Currently, the effort to promote the street is expanded with the organisation of such programmes.

He hoped that the residents of Jalan Berek will continue to work together with the MPT to help promote the street as one of the tourism products in Taiping.


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